I live in Hokkaido.

I live in Hokkaido. Hokkaido is wide and there are many sightseeing places to enjoy. \ R \ n Last year I went to the popular Asahiyama Zoo. \ R \ n Anyway, a lot of people came and was overwhelmed, but I was impressed to see penguins and polar bear with glass. \ R \ n Such zoos and amusement parks with lots of vehicles are fun, but I also love hot springs. \ R \ n From the place where I live, about 1 and a half hours there is a town called Teshikagi Town, where there is a hot spring as well as ""sand water"". \ R \ n Sand water is supposed to be able to swim in the sandy beach, and a warm hot spring comes out when digging the sand! \ R \ nBoth children and adults can enjoy being barefoot. \ R \ n \ r \ n There are places where you can buy souvenirs etc. soon, and the ""Pistachio soft cream"" I ate there was very tasty! \ R \ n It is a light green color, I definitely want to eat this year, I am planning to go to sand bath. \ R \ n \ r \ n And

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