My recommended tourist spot is Hiroshima, but Aki Miyajima is among them.

My recommended tourist spot is Hiroshima, but Aki Miyajima is among them. It is Itsukushima Shrine. \ R \ n First, because it's an island, it is good to have a sightseeing even if you ride a ferry for only 5-10 minutes. \ R \ n And when arriving at Miyajima many deer will welcome you. Child's tension is up at a stretch. \ R \ n And there are lots of souvenir departments until it gets to Itsukushima shrine! It is not a feeling of disappearance, I am glad that there is lively bustle and lively. \ R \ nIf the manufacturing process of Momiji Manju is seen, Okonomiyaki and others are there, and there are large-sized items of huge rice paddle, Hiroshima feelings. \ R \ nFried maple is freshly delicious ♪ It is delicious ♪ \ r \ n There is also a maimons buns ice cream. \ R \ n And when we get to the shrine, we suppress the feeling of wanting to see the torii, and slowly look around inside the precincts. \ R \ n Arrive at Torii! Depending on the time, there are places where you can go by high tide or low tide, but when I go there is low tide. I walked to the bottom of the torii. \ R \ nIf you want to see where the torii is immersed in water, we recommend you to check the time properly. \ R \ n And the best delicious is \ r \ n It is grilled oyster which I sold in Miyajima. \ R \ nIf you place an order, you will bake the oyster shell open on the spot. Squeeze a little lemon for the finish, yeah, it's delicious ~! \ R \ nThe oyster you ate here was the best taste in the oyster you ate \ r \ n.

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