I recommend local sightseeing spots in Iwate Prefecture.

I recommend local sightseeing spots in Iwate Prefecture. \ R \ n Because summer has a cool climate, it is very easy to spend. \ R \ n Furthermore, since there is Koiwai ranch, which became famous nationwide, you can also enjoy delicious milk and ice cream. \ R \ n On the other hand, it turns into a heavy snowfall zone in winter, but you can enjoy skiing. \ R \ nIf you are a skier such as Shizukuishi Kogen ski resort, you can enjoy a ski resort like everyone knows. \ R \ nThe ski resort in Iwate prefecture has better snow quality than the ski resort in the Kanto region, and the size of the ski resort itself is also big and slippery slopes. \ R \ n \ r \ n Also, Iwaki is famous for its specialties and Morioka cold noodles. \ R \ n Both are very tasty, especially not only to eat with my friends and family, but also to compete for the number I ate and participate as an event by everyone, it's a lot of fun. \ R \ nIf you go to Iwate, you are sure to eat wankooba surely. \ R \ n Other south rice crackers and southern ironwares and souvenirs will not be inconvenient, so it can be enjoyed by any age group.

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